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About Us
Our Inspiration
There’s nothing like listening to great music. Music affects us in ways that few other things in life can. In fact, research suggests it may even be a fundamental component of being human - defining us. But without good audio equipment, the full experience (recorded by the artist) cannot be realized and enjoyed. ShipSound.com is fueled by our passion for using world-class equipment to bring music to life in vivid color and detail.

Our History
For years, the founders and leadership of ShipSound have been rethinking and reshaping the audio industry – not only pioneering the sale of audio equipment online, but also taking on local retail sales and even engineering and producing branded audio equipment. Our rich history has culminated into everything ShipSound is today, benefiting from years of experience in specialty audio equipment and online sales.

The ShipSound Approach
ShipSound. With a name like ours, it’s easy to see that we’re dedicated to delivering audio equipment. It’s this singular category focus that helps give ShipSound our tremendous advantage. Every aspect of our company and site has been built around this specialized purpose and for this unique product category.

Unbeatable pricing is just the beginning. ShipSound offers you a professional and trustworthy source for purchasing audio equipment online, at great prices. Our friendly, expert staff is here to serve you - not just before the sale, but as long as you own your purchase. From start to finish, shopping with us is a breeze. Your shipsound.com purchase will arrive promptly and professionally. After all, our name is ShipSound; shipping sound equipment is what we do best.