Premium 14pcs / 18pcs Underglow/Car Interior Three Mode LED Neon Accent light Kit Waterproof Ultra Bright + Plug & Play Ultimate Coverage


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Product Description

What's Included

  • 4pc light Strips.
  • 1 controller plug with ON/OFF switch and integrated LED light display
  • Zip ties, wire clips, screws, brackets, and detailed instructions with recommended mounting locations
  • 4pc 36" wire.

Key Features

4 Flex Strips Included

Built-in Connector & Waterproof

3-Mode Controller & 2 Outputs

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  • Single color, 3 Light Mode Interior Kit
  • 4pc Flex Strips. Top-grade LEDs. Perfect for Interior.
  • Newly designed car controller plug with LED light pattern display (on/off; solid color; 2 channel strobe; breath effect)
  • All installation accessories included and simple plug-n-play wiring.
  • New and improved light tube design for waterproof capability.

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