weBoost 470106 Drive 3G-S Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

weBoost 470106
by weBoost

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Whether you're making a call, streaming music or using GPS, the weBoost Drive 3G-S cell phone signal booster gives you a stronger signal on the road while helping preserve battery life. Taking full advantage of weBoost's 40+ years of industry-leading experience in solving cell phone reception problems, the Drive 3G-S gives you a stronger, more reliable signal to keep you seamlessly connected on the go.


  • Boosts 3G, talk & text, and 3G internet on all phones with all U.S. & Canadian cell carriers
  • For a single phone/user, use with phone in cradle for best results
  • Up to 26 dB (decibel) gain
  • Easy to install, complete DIY (do-it-yourself) kit
  • Extends battery life of your cell phone
  • Friendly, U.S.-based customer support
  • weBoost’s most affordable 3G car cell phone signal booster
  • All components needed for installation in one package
  • Trained weBoost customer/tech support to assist you every step of the way
  • FCC & Industry Canada Certified
  • Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds
  • Faster data downloads
  • Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 year warranty when you buy from ShipSound, an Authorized Retailer

How it Works

The weBoost Drive 3G-S pulls in the existing weak signal using a compact high-gain antenna, then amplifies it multiple times utilizing weBoost’s patented SmarTech III technology. The amplified signal bypasses all exterior and interior obstructions and interference, and rebroadcasts it to the cell phone's cradle mount. From the cell tower straight to your phone for clearer calls, faster internet, wider coverage, and stable connections. Say goodbye to slow service and delays. 

Unique Features & Benefits

Plug and Play

Installing a weBoost device is quick and easy, so you can start boosting your signal within seconds. For a more finished look, longer installations will hide all cords.

Multiple Users

Anyone within range immediately gets boosted—no matter the device or carrier. They don’t even have to log in to your network.

Faster Streaming

With data speeds boosted up to 4G LTE, you stay connected to your music and navigation in more places.

Up to Two Hours More Battery

With a reliable signal, your phone spends far less energy trying to find and retain a signal, giving you up to two additional hours of talk time.

Trusted Support

weBoost keeps more than 1,000 government agencies connected when and where it matters most, boosting their signals in the middle of the Redwood forest, the Mojave Desert, or deep in the Bayou. They trust weBoost to keep connected and safe—so can you.

Universal Booster

Immediately boosts a cellular signal for any carrier, on any network - no registration required. If you switch carriers at any point, there’s nothing you have to do with your booster—any phone will work, at any time, even when you are switching signal types (CDMA or GSM).

Reliable Signal, Proven Performance

According to a study by an independent third party, weBoost products were proven to have the best overall performance with 30x larger indoor coverage than the closest competitor, and offers the most users and furthest distance from a cell tower of any cell booster company. weBoost antennas are built with the same patented technology that made Wilson Electronics the authority in antennas since 1970.

Whats Included:

  • 470006 Dual-band Cell Phone Amplifier/ Repeater
  • 301126 Mini Magnet Antenna
  • 859104 DC Power Supply
  • 470106 Installation Manual/ Instructions

UPC: 811815024972          (formerly Sleek 3G 460106)

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