SIRIUS FMDA25 Satellite Radio Wired FM Modulator Relay


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Do you have a SIRIUS Plug & Play radio with a built-in wireless FM transmitter that allows you to listedn to SIRIUS satellite radio over your in-dash stereo? If you live in an urban area with high FM-station density, interference from neighboring or weak FM stations can often creep in. This relay device makes a direct, wired connection from your SIRIUS radio to your vehicle's stereo, shielding the system from intrusion by over-the-air FM stations. You get nothing but clean SIRIUS playback.

The relay plugs into your SIRIUS radio's dedicated FM output. At the other end, it plugs into your stereo's antenna input. Your stereo's antenna plugs into the relay, so you won't lose any AM/FM reception. You still select the "broadcasting" frequency from your SIRIUS radio's FM transmitter menu, and tune your stereo to the same frequency.

Internal relay switches between SIRIUS operation when PNP is powered on, and AM/FM pass-through operation when the Plug & Play tuner is powered off.


  • Wired FM modulator relay
  • Compatible with all SIRIUS brand plug-and-play radios
  • 2.5mm mini audio output plug
  • Standard antenna input cable

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