PowerBass PS-WB110T Single 10-Inch Thin Mount Loaded Enclosure

by PowerBass

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$ 99.95

Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Bass is our backbone here at PowerBass and our engineers have designed an affordable, yet powerful solution to put a new low in the bottom end of your sound system with PS-WB loaded woofer boxes. We take a unique design approach and engineer the woofers to fit the box, not the other way around like our competition. This gives our enclosures a deeper, tighter bass that handles more power for your hard earned cash. We feature a vented “bass reflex" enclosures with chrome, flared Venturi ports tuned to a very low frequency for loud bass that shakes every bone in your body. When you don’t have a lot of space for bass, we have our PS-WB110T and 112T sealed “air suspension" truck enclosures that are designed to fit under or behind your seat that deliver tight, accurate bass.

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