Superchips 2547 Flashcal For Truck Programmer

by Superchips

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$ 254.95

Corrects Speedometer For Tire Upgrades Between 26-38. Speedometer Recalibration For Gear/Axle Swaps. Speed/Rev Limiter Options. TPMS Options. Reads And Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Digital Battery Voltage Display. Real-Time Data Logging and Data Monitoring. Upgradeable To Flashpaq Tuning. Features May Vary Based On Year/Make/Model.

  • Superchips 2547 Flashcal F5 Programmer; Handheld Tuner;
  • Authorized Dealer - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Superchips
  • 2547
  • Warranty: Yes

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