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Presenting the industry's most advanced and accurate Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert system. The BSM 200 is a blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert system that can be installed in most vehicles with plastic rear bumper covers. Using multi-channel technology and OBD-II data, the BSM 200 provides OEM like accuracy in detecting and warning of moving vehicles in the blind spots. It has been vigorously debugged and road tested to minimize false alarms and to ensure its functionalities are at par with OEM systems.

  • Detects and warns the driver of vehicles in the blind spot when changing lanes; Detects and warns the driver of crossing traffic when backing out of driveways or parking spaces
  • Multi-channel technology to accurately detect and measure the distance, speed, and angle of moving objects; Multi-directional detection capabilities for detecting vehicles regardless of the direction they are moving (i.e. approaching, passing, or keeping pace)
  • Automatically activates when the speed reaches 18.5 mph (30 km/h) and deactivates when the speed is under 18.5 mph (30 km/h)
  • LED indicators and speaker to provide driver with clear visual and audible warnings of objects in detection zone; Flashing LED with warning beeps when turn signal is activated while the object is still in the detection zone
  • Compatible with all vehicles 2004 and up with OBD-II; Configurable brackets that can be easily adjusted to fit any vehicle body types

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